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JOT'M Journal | Fear

JOT'M Journal | Fear

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Step into a "Brave New You" this October with our latest JOT'M Journal. Designed to navigate the intricate landscape of fear and growth, this monthly must-have is your personal roadmap to resilience. Each page offers a unique prompt—some for introspection, others for actionable steps—all aimed at helping you face your fears and emerge stronger. Complementing every prompt is an uplifting affirmation to keep your spirits high. This journal blends mindfulness and practicality, making self-discovery an engaging and fulfilling process. Say yes to facing your fears, embracing growth, and meeting a braver you in 31 days.

• 6 x 9
• Perfect bound
• Interior color premium black & white
• 95 pages
**Also available under Digital Downloads**

Layout Features:
• Daily journal prompts
• Daily affirmations
• Lined & unlined pages

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