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JOT'M Journal | Gratitude

JOT'M Journal | Gratitude

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Dive deep into 30 days of mindful reflection and purposeful action, all centered around the powerful theme of gratitude. Each day presents you with a unique introspective prompt to explore the many facets of thankfulness, interwoven with action-oriented tasks that bring gratitude to life in tangible ways. Whether you're penning heartfelt memories, taking a serene gratitude walk, or sharing your talents with loved ones, every page of this journal offers a journey of self-discovery and connection. Crafted with high-quality materials for a luxurious feel and featuring ample space for both writing and drawing, this journal ensures a versatile and enriching experience. Make November a month of transformation and joy, and let the JOT'M Gratitude Journal be your guide. Elevate your daily routine and find pleasure in the simple, profound act of giving thanks.

• 6 x 9
• Perfect bound
• Interior color premium black & white
• 92 pages

Layout Features:
• Daily journal prompts
• Daily affirmations
• Lined & unlined pages

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