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Mindful Organizer

Mindful Meeting Journals

Mindful Meeting Journals

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Transform your meeting experiences with our Mindful Meeting Journals. This meticulously crafted collection is designed to support you in leading, managing, and making the most of your business meetings. With distinct sections to streamline your thought process and organization, these journals will become your trusted companions in the corporate world.

Each Mindful Meeting journal features:

  • Purpose and Date: Begin each meeting entry by noting down the purpose and date, keeping a clear focus and a chronological record.
  • Leader and Attendees: Keep track of the key players in your meetings, fostering accountability and collaboration.
  • Agenda: Plan and outline the key discussion points, ensuring your meetings stay on track and cover all necessary topics.
  • Priorities: Identify and highlight the crucial takeaways and focal points from the meeting, promoting efficiency and clarity.
  • Action Steps: Record actionable tasks, person in charge, and deadlines, ensuring accountability and progress.
  • Next Meeting: Jot down details of the subsequent meeting, facilitating continuous momentum and preparedness.
  • Additional Pages: With an extra lined and unlined page per meeting, enjoy the freedom to elaborate, doodle, brainstorm, or reflect.

Embark on your journey of productive and meaningful business meetings with our Mindful Meeting Journals and witness the transformative power of mindful organization.

• 6” x 9”
• Wide-variety cover art options
• Space for 50 meetings
• Flexible cover
• Interior color premium b/w
• Coil bound
• 158 pages

Layout Features:
• Purpose
• Agenda
• Attendees
• Action Steps with POC and deadline
• Next meeting date
• Lined and unlined pages for notes

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