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JOT'M Journal | Self-Reflection

JOT'M Journal | Self-Reflection

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Introducing the September JOT'M Journal, "Turning a New Leaf" – a gateway to self-discovery and reflection as the leaves turn and fall begins. This themed journal is designed to guide you through a month of introspective and action-oriented prompts, all centered around the unique beauty and lessons of the autumn season. From personal achievements to the joy of a pumpkin spice latte, each day offers a chance to explore, reflect, and grow. And don't forget the daily affirmations; they're like a warm hug on a crisp fall day. With "Turning a New Leaf," you're not just jotting down thoughts; you're embarking on a journey of mindfulness, embracing change, and celebrating the new beginnings that come with the season. It's time to 'jot 'em' down, turn a new leaf, and enjoy the vibrant colors of your life. Happy journaling!

• 6 x 9
• Perfect bound
• Interior color premium black & white
• 92 pages
**Also available under Digital Downloads**

Layout Features:
• Daily journal prompts
• Daily affirmations
• Lined & unlined pages

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